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Kimberle A. Badinelli

Kimberle Badinelli and her affiliates bring your organization over 30 years of experience in hospitality management, strategic marketing and communications and data analytics that provide a deep understanding of organizations.  

She is a highly-skilled Assessment & Revenue Strategist and Strategic Systems Development Consultant;  Project Management Director; Strategic Marketing and Communications Administrator. 

She has developed and Implemented system-wide assessment strategies which yield organizational understanding and opportunities which utilize behavioral research data and purchasing behaviors to identify potential revenue strategies. By providing this concise data, strategic business units are equipped to better predict their consumer actions.


Kimberle has developed 3 Benchmarking Systems including:

1. Project Valuation System to determine priority against constrained resources.
2. Project Marketing ROI/ROO system which determines what support efforts are needed to achieve organizational goals.
3. Interdependency Project Management System from conception to media strategy.

Hospitality System's leader holds a strong belief that consistent programs for people and organizational development guarantee results for the organization’s projects.   

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